Sally’s Apizza, Stamford, CT

Rating 9.2

Me, Mal and Sam

We went here for dinner after the batting cages. It was me, my Dad, Sam and Mal.

We got two pies. A Tomato pie and a half plain, half meatball pie. The tomato pizza was a 9, the sauce was amazing, and the crust tasted good. The cheese pizza was a 9.2. It had the right amount of cheese and sauce. The waiter was also very nice. My friend Mal said the meatball slice was very, very good. Sam liked it too. I would definitely go here again.


Paradiso Pizzeria, Washington DC

Rating – 8.2

We were down in Washington DC and stopped at this pizza place. The crust was phenomenal. The sauce was very good, but there wasn’t enough of it. The Basil was very fresh. The also sell personal pies. Me and my friend, Zoe split a big slice. My mom ate the pizza, even though she usually doesn’t like pizza. Overall, this place was very good and I recommend it if you are in the area.

Locker Room, Lee MA

Rating – 2

It tasted like my school pizza. It actually tasted worse than my school pizza. The cheese was really bad. and the crust was garlicky. But the waitresses were really nice.

It wasn’t really a pizza place so there’s no reason to get pizza here. But I would go here again for other food. everyone else liked their food – not the pizza.

Billy & Pete’s Social, Larchmont, NY

Rating 8.6

We stopped at this place after a softball game with my teammates Mal and Nat in Larchmont. This was good pizza. I had a cheese slice, a margarita, and a Detroit style pepperoni. The sauce on the pepperoni was really sweet. My dad liked it but I thought it was a bit weird. They also had salads on the menu. They did not have pasta. Overall, this place was great, and I would go again.

Colony Grill, Portchester, NY

Rating – 8

We went here and I was very confused because its called Colony Grill, their logo is a shamrock, and all they have is pizza. We had a booth by the window, and all of a sudden the waiter and said “ Don’t look out the window”Then they moved us to a different table, which was weird. This is the kind of pizza you have to have to stay to eat. Something interesting about it is that it doesn’t have crust. Pretty good pizza. I would come here again.