Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ

Rating = 3 – this pizza wasn’t good. Period. We got this when we skiing with our friends the O’Malleys. Actually, my friend Caitlin got it and let me have a slice, which was nice of her. But this was not good at all. there was not alot of cheese. The sauce was ok.


Just wanted show everyone my top 10 favorites. I’ve reviewed over 40 pizza places and these are my top 10 favorites. This will be edited regularly. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  1. Broadway North – Armonk, NY – Rating 9.9
  2. Sal´s Pizzeria – Mamaroneck, NY – Rating 9.2
  3. Dominoes – Mt. Kisco, NY – Rating 9.0
  4. Venetian Delight, Scarsdale, NY – Rating 9.0
  5. Spinners, Sea Isle City, NJ – Rating 9.0
  6. Hartsdale House of Pizza – Hartsdale, NY – Rating 8.9
  7. Wegman´s – Hanover, NJ – Rating 8.9
  8. Dom and Vinnies Pizzeria – Valhalla, NY – Rating 8.8
  9. Broadway Pizza- White Plains, NY – Rating 8.7
  10. Flames Pizzeria – Elmsford, NY – Rating 8.7

Stouffer’s Frozen Pizza

Rating = 7.8

We had a snow day today and we usually don’t eat or rate frozen pizza but today we did. The crust isn’t too bad, it isn’t too crunchy but it too soft either. It’s kinda garlicy.. The sauce is good, there isn’t alot of cheese. It was better than I expected, but I’m not sure if I’ve had frozen pizza before. I’ve had frozen pizza bagels at school, but this is better. I had the pizza bagels at Coman Hill , but I am at Wampus now and the food in the cafeteria food at Wampus is better. I’d eat this again.