Mima’s Pizza, Ardsley NY

Rating – 8.3

This is just a good slice of pizza. The crust is solid, and there is a good amount of salt. Me and my friend Zoe went and got it after volleyball practice. There are a lot worse things you could eat than this pizza. I would definitely recommend this place.

Johnny’s Pizzeria, Mt. Vernon, NY

Rating – 9.2

This is very good pizza. They put the sauce on top of the cheese, but it is good. There is a little sauce on the bottom, so the cheese doesn’t slide off. Structurally, it’s good pizza. It’s brick oven, I think. The only complaint, and its a minor one, is that the sauce could have a bit more flavor. I’ve heard about this pizza for a long time and it’s lived up to the hype. The service was really fast. They don’t sell slices here, you can only get pies. They only accept cash. I recommend this place.

UPDATED Top 10 List

Hey everyone… After careful consideration I am relisting my Top 10. Although I haven’t been to too many new pizzerias since the last Top 10 updates, I have done some re-reviews What do you want from me people, I’m busy with schoolwork, homework, volleyball and dogwalking!!! I can’t sit around and eat pizza all day. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  1. Sal’s Pizzeria – Mamaroneck, NY – Rating 9.2
  2. Prime Pizza Co – Thornwood, NY – Rating 9.2
  3. Urban Hamlet – Bronxville, NY – Rating 9.1
  4. Basilico – Mt Kisco, NY – Rating 9.0
  5. Dominoes, Mt Kisco, NY – Rating 9.0
  6. Venetian Delight – Scarsdale, NY – Rating 9.0
  7. Spinners – Sea Isle City, NJ – Rating 9.0
  8. Hartsdale House of Pizza – Hartsdale, NY – Rating 8.9
  9. Wegmans – Hanover, NJ 8.9
  10. Dom and Vinnies Pizzeria – Valhalla, NY – Rating 8.8

Prime Pizza, Thornwood NY

Me and Mal

Rating – 9.2

Today, me and friend Mal, tried a new place called Prime Pizza, after softball practice. This place replaced Modern Slice behind Walgreens. It was really good. I always rate the plain slice for this blog, and it was really good. Great crust, great sauce, great cheese. I also good a sicilian with parmesan cheese on top and the crust was really good, and flavorful and crispy but the cheese was a little weird. I’d rate it a 7.2.

My friend Mal, got a meat lovers slice. It had meatball, pepperoni and bacon on it. She liked it, but said the bacon ruined it. She rated it a 7.5. Mal was a good judge. She put alot of thought into it.

They had a pretty good looking dessert menu, but we didn’t get anything. We went Cold Stone, instead.

I would recommend this place.